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Original boards embossed in blue and black. No publication date but certainly from the 1800's. Some cover edge wear as seen in photographs. Lettering on spine is somewhat faded.

THE HISTORY OF THE SEA. A Graphic Description of Maritime Adventures, Achievements, Explorations, Discoveries and Inventions: Including Hazards and Perils of Early Navigators, Cruelties and Experiences of Noted Buccaneers, Conquests and Prizes of the Great Pirates, Discoveries and Achievements of the great Captains, Conflicts with Savages, Cannibals, Robbers, Etc. Covering the Many Centuries of Development in Science and Civilization from the Ark to the Present Time.

To Which Is Added An Account of Adventures Beneath the Sea; Diving, Dredging, Deep Sea Sounding, Latest Submarine Explorations, etc. Prepared with great care by Edward Howland. Undated, but certainly from the 1800's. 9 x 6 original blue/black decorated cloth hardcover.

Illustrated with over 250 Spirited Illustrations. CONTENTS COPIED FROM THE BOOK.

SECTION I FROM THE EARLIEST TIMES TO THE COMMENCEMENT OF THE CHRISTIAN ERA. The Purpose of this Work The Ocean in the Scriptural Period The Marvels of the Sea The Classic Legends The Fantastic Notions entertained of the North and the Equator The Giant of the Canaries The Sea of Sea-Weed The Spectre of the Cape The Gradual Surrender of the Secrets of the Sea It becomes the Highway of Nations Its Present Aspect Its Poetical Significance Its Moral Lessons. The Origin of Navigation The Nautilus The Split Reed and Beetle The Beaver floating upon a Log The Hollow Tree The First Canoe The Floating Nutshell The Oar The Rudder The Sail The Tradition of the First Sail-Boat. The Flood and the Building of the Ark The Arguments of Infidelity against a Universal Deluge The Material of which the Ark was built Its Capacity, Dimensions, and Form Its Proportions copied in Modern Ocean-Steamers. The Ships, Commerce, and Navigation of the Phoenicians Their Trade with Ophir Sidon and Tyre Their Voyage round Africa New Tyre A Patriotic Phoenician Captain The Egyptians as a Maritime People Their Ships and Commerce The Jews Their Geography Ideas upon the Shape of the Earth The World as known to the Hebrews. Construction of Greek Vessels The Prow, Poop, Rudder, Oars, Masts, Sails, Cordage, Bulwarks, Anchors Biremes, Triremes, Quadriremes, Quinqueremos The Grand Galley of Ptolemy Philopator Roman Vessels Their Navy Mimic Sea-Fights The Five Voyages of Antiquity. The Voyage of Hanno the Carthaginian He sees Crocodiles, Apes, and Volcanoes The Voyage of Himilcon to Al-Bion The Voyage and Ignominious Fate of Sataspes the Persian The Voyage of Pytheas the Phocian The Sacred Promontory A New Atmosphere Amber Return Home The Veracity of Pythcas' Narrative The Expedition of Nearchus the Macedonian Strange Phenomena in the Heavens The Icthyophagi Houses built of the Bones of Whales Fish Flour A Battle with Whales An Unexpected Meeting The Distance traversed by Nearchus The Voyage of Eudoxus along the African Coast State of Navigation at the Opening of the Christian Era. SECTION II FROM THE COMMENCEMENT OF THE CHRISTIAN ERA TO THE APPLICATION OF THE MAGNETIC NEEDLE TO EUROPEAN NAVIGATION, A. Navigation during the Roman Empire The Rise of Venice and Genoa The Crusades Their Effect upon Commerce Wedding of the Adriatic Creation of the French Navy Introduction of Eastern Art into Europe Maps of the Middle Ages Remote Effect of the Crusades upon Geographical Science. The Travels of Marco Polo The First Mention of Japan in History Kublai Khan Marco Polo's Voyage from Amoy to Ormuz Malacca Sumatra Pygmies Singular Stories of Diamonds The Roc Polo not recognised upon his Return His Imprisonment The Publication of his Narrative The Interest awakened in China, Japan, and the Islands of Spices.

The Portuguese on the Coast of Africa The Spaniards and the Canary Isles Don Henry of Portugal The Terriblo Cape, now Cape Bojudor The Sacred Promontory Discovery of the Madeiras A Dreadful Phenomenon A Prolific Rabbit and a Wonderful Conflagration Hostility of the Portuguese to further Maritime Adventure The Bay of Horses The First Gold-Dust seen in Europe Discovery of Cape Verd and the Azores The Europeans approach the Equator Journey of Cada-Mosto Death of Don Henry Progress of Navigation under the Auspices of this Prince. The Portuguese cross the Equator from Guinea to Congo John II. Conceives the idea of a Route by Sea to the Indies His Artifices to prevent the Interference of other Nations The Overland Journey of Covillam to India The Voyage of Bartholomew Diaz The Doubling of the Tremendous Cape Its Baptism by the King Injurious Effects of Success upon Portuguese Ambition.

Birth of Christopher Columbus His Early Life and Education His First Voyage His Marriage His Maritime Contemplations He makes Proposals to the Senate of Genoa, the Court of Venice, and the King of Portugal The Duplicity of the latter Columbus visits Spain Juan de Marchena Columbus repairs to Cordova His Second Marriage His Letter to the King The Junto of Salamanca Columbus resolves to shake the dust of Spain from his feet Marchena's Letter to Isabella The Queen gives Audience to Columbus The Conditions stipulated by the latter Isabella accepts the Enterprise, while Ferdinand remains aloof. The Port of Palos The Superstition of its Mariners The Hand of Satan A Bird which lifted Vessels to the Clouds The Pinta and the Nina The Santa Maria Capacity of a Spanish Caravel The three Pinzons The Departure Columbus' Journal The Helm of the Pinta unshipped The Variation of the Needle The Appearance of the Tropical Atlantic Floating Vegetation The Sargasso Sea Alarm and threatened Mutiny of the Sailors Perplexities of Columbus Land! A False Alarm Indications of the Vicinity of Land Murmurs of the Crews Open Revolt quelled by Columbus Floating Reeds and Tufts of Grass Land at last The Vessels anchor over-night. The Failing Health of Columbus His Fourth Voyage Martinique, Porto Rico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama His Search for a Channel across the Isthmus He predicts an Eclipse of the Moon at Jamaica His Return The Death of Isabella Columbus Penniless at Valladolid His Death His Four Burials The Injustice of the World towards Columbus Christopher Pigeon Amerigo Vespucci The New World named America Errors of Modern Historians The District of Columbia John Cabot in Labrador Sebastian Cabot in Hudson's Bay Vincent Yanez Pinzon at the Mouths of the Amazon.

Portuguese Navigation under Emmanuel Popular Prejudices The Lusiad of Camoens Vasco da Gama Maps of Africa of the Period Preparations for an Indian Voyage Religious Ceremonies The Departure Rendezvous at the Cape Verds Landing upon the Coast The Natives An Invitation to Dinner, and its Consequences A Storm Mutiny The Spectre of the Cape. Da Gama and the Negroes The Hottentots and Caffres Adventure with an Albatross The River of Good Promise Mozambique Treachery of the Natives Mombassa Melinda, and its Amiable King Festivities The Malabar Coast Calicut The Route to the Indies discovered. The Moors in Hindostan Condition of the Country upon the Arrival of Da Gama Hostility of the Moors They prejudice the King of Calicut against the Portuguese Consequent Hostilities Da Gama sets out upon his Return Wild Cinnamon A Moorish Pirate disguised as an Italian Christian A Tempestuous Voyage Wreck of the San Rafael Honors and Titles bestowed upon Da Gama An Expedition fitted out under Alvarez Cabral Accidental Discovery of Brazil Comets and Water-Spouts Loss of Four Vessels A Bazaar established at Calicut Attack by the Moors Cabral withdraws to Cochin Visits Cananor and takes in a Load of Cinnamon Is received with Coldness upon his Return Vasco da Gama recalled into the Service by the King His Achievements at Sofala, Cananor, and Calicut He hangs Fifty Indians at the Yard-Arm Protects Cochin and threatens Calicut Withdraws to Private Life. Spread of the Portuguese East Indian Empire Alphenzo d'Albuquerque Immense Sacrifice of Life Ancient Route of the Spice-Trade with Europe Commerce by Caravans Revolution produced by opening the New Route Francesco Almeida Discovery of Ceylon Tristan d'Acunha The Portuguese Mars His Views of Empire An Arsenal established at Goa Reduction of Malacca Siam and Sumatra send Embassies to Albuquerque The Island of Ormuz Death of Albuquerque Extent of the Portuguese Dominion Ormuz becomes the great Emporium of the East Fall of the Portuguese Empire.

Ponce de Leon The Fountain of Youth Discovery of Florida The Martyrs and the Tortugas The Bahama Channel Vasco Nunez de Balboa He goes to Sea in a Barrel Marries a Lady of the Isthmus His Search for Gold Hears of a Mighty Ocean Undertakes to reach it Preparations for the Expedition Leoncico the Bloodhound Battle with a Cacique Ascent of the Mountains Balboa mounts to the Summit alone The First Sight of the Pacific Ceremonies of taking Possession Balboa up to his Knees in the Ocean Every one tastes the Water A Voyage upon the Pacific, and a Narrow Escape Ignominious Fate of Balboa Juan Diaz de Solis Discovers the Rio de la Plata His Horrible Death by Cannibals. Remarkable Foresight of the Court of Rome A Papal Bull Ferdinand Magellan He offers his Services to Spain His Plans His Fleet Pigafetta the Historian An Inauspicious Start Teneriffe and its Legends St.

Elmo's Fire The Crew make Famous Bargains with the Cannibals Heavy Price paid for the King of Spades Patagonian Giants Pigafetta's Exaggerations The Healing Art in Patagonia The Tragedy of Port Julian Discovery of a Strait The Open Sea Cape Deseado The Ocean named Pacific Ravages of the Scurvy A Patagonian Paul The Needle becomes Lethargic Discovery of the Ladrones The First Cocoanut A Catholic Ceremony upon a Pagan Island. Voyage of Jacques Cartier Maritime Projects of Francis I of France Gulf of St. Origin of English Piracy Sir John Hawkins Francis Drake His First Voyage to the Spanish Main Commission granted by Queen Elizabeth Expedition against the Spanish Possessions Exploits at Mogador and Santiago Crossing the Line Arrival in Patagonia Trial and Execution of Doughty Passage through Magellan's Strait Adventures of William Pitcher and Seven Men Cape Horn Arrival at Valparaiso Rifling of a Catholic Church. Policy of Queen Elizabeth Thomas Cavendish His First Voyage Exploits upon the African and Brazilian Coasts Port Desire Port Famine Battles with the Araucanians Capture of Paita Robbery of a Church Repeated Acts of Brigandage Capture of the Santa Anna The Return Voyage Cavendish's Account of the Expedition The Spanish Armada Preparations in England The Conflict Total Rout of the Invincibles Procession in Commemoration of the Event. The Fiction of El Dorado Manoa Description of its Fabled Splendors Attempts of the Spaniards to Discover it Sir Walter Raleigh His Voyage to Guiana His Account of the Orinoco His Description of the Scenery His Return His Second Voyage Expedition to Newfoundland His Death Modern Interpretation of the Legend of El Dorado.

Discovery of the Solomon Islands by Mendana He seeks for them again Thirty Years later Quiros The Marquesas Islands The Women compared with those of Lima Strange Fruits Conversions to Christianity Arduous Voyage Santa Cruz Mendana exchanges Names with Malopa Hostilities War, and its Results Death of Mendana Quiros conducts the Ships to Manilla. Attempts of the Dutch to discover a Northeast Passage Voyage of Wilhelm Barentz Arrival at Nova Zcmbla Winter Quarters Building a House Fights with Bears The Sun Disappears The Clock Stops, and the Beer Freezes The House is Snowed up The Hot-Ache Fox-Traps Twelfth Night Return of the Sun The Ships prove Unseaworthy Preparations to Depart in the Boats Death of Barentz Arrival at Amsterdam Results of the Voyage. Quiros' Theory of a Southern Continent His Arguments and Memorials His First Voyage Discoveries Encarnacion Sagittaria, or Tahiti Description of these Islands Manicolo Espiritu Santo Its Productions and Inhabitants Quiros before the King of Spain His Belief in his Discovery of a Continent His Disappointment Renewed Solicitations Death of Quiros Discoveries of Torres The Muscovy Company of London Henry Hudson His Voyages to Spitzbergen and Nova Zembla His Voyage to America Casts Anchor at Sandy Hook Ascends the Hudson River as far as the Site of Albany His Voyage to Iceland and Hudson's Bay Disastrous Winter Mutiny Hudson set adrift His Death. The Fleet of Joris Spilbergen Arrival in Brazil Adventures in the Strait of Magellan Trade at Mocha Island Treachery at Santa Maria Terrible Battle between the Dutch and Spanish Fleets Ravages of the Coast Skirmishes upon the Land Spilbergen sails for Manilla Arrival at Ternate His Return Home The Voyage of Schenten and Lemaire Lemonade at Sierra Leone A Collision at Sea Discovery of Staten Land Cape Horn Lemaire's Strait Arrival at Batavia Confiscation of the Ships General Results of the Voyage The Voyage of William Baffin Arctic Researches during the Seventeenth Century.

A Famous Vessel The Mayflower Her Appearance The Speedwell Departure of the Two Ships Alleged Unseaworthiness of the Speedwell The Mayflower sails alone The Equinoctial Consultations A Remedy applied First View of the Land Subsequent History and Fate of the Mayflower. Discovery of New Holland Tasman ordered to survey the Island Discovery of Van Diemen's Land Of New Zealand Murderers' Bay The Friendly Islands The Feejees New Britain An Earthquake at Sea A Copious Language Circumnavigation of New Holland Return to Batavia Results of the Voyage Dutch Opinions of Tasman's Merit.

The First Scientific Voyage of Circumnavigation The Dolphin and Tamar Byron in Patagonia Falkland Islands Islands of Disappointment Arrival at Tinian Byron versus Anson The Voyage Home Wallis and Carteret Their Observations in Patagonia Wallis at Tahiti A Desperate Battle Xuils lose their Value A Tahitian Romance Pitcairn's Island Queen Charlotte's Islands New Britain The Voyage Home A Man-of-War Destroyed by Fire. Colonization of the Falkland Islands Antoine de Bougainville His Voyage around the World Adventure at Montevideo The Patagonians Taking Possession of Tahiti French Gallantry Ceremonies of Reception Sojourn at the Island Aotourou The First Female Circumnavigator Famine on Board Remarkable Cascade Arrival at the Moluccas Incidents there Return Home. Expedition despatched at the Instance of the Royal Society Lieutenant James Cook Incidents of the Voyage A Night on Shore in Terra del Fuego Arrival at Tahiti The Natives pick their Pockets The observatory A Native chews a Quid of Tobacco The Transit of Venus Two of the Marines take unto themselves Wives New Zealand Adventures there Remarkable War-Canoe Cannibalism demonstrated Theory of a Southern Continent subverted New Holland Botany Bay The Endeavor on the Rocks Expedient to stop the Leak A Conflagration Passage through a Reef Arrival at Batavia Mortality on the Voyage Home Cook promoted to the Rank of Commander. Cook's Second Voyage A Storm Separation of the Ships Aurora Australis New Zealand Six Water-Spouts at once Tahiti again Petty Thefts of the Natives Cook visits the Tahitian Theatre Omai Arrival at the Friendly Islands The Fleet witness a Feast of Human Flesh The New Hebrides New Caledonia Return Home Honors bestowed upon Cook.

Cook's Third Voyage The Northwest Passage Omai His Reception at Home The Crew forego their Grog Discovery of the Sandwich Islands Nootk Sound The Natives Capo Prince of Wales Two Continents in Sight Icy Cape Return to the Sandwich Islands Cook is deified Interview with Tcreoboo Subsequent Difficulties A Skirmish Pitched Battle and Death of Cook Recovery of a Portion of his Remains Funeral Ceremonies Life and Services of Cook. And the Science of Navigation Voyage of Laperoase Arrival at Easter Island Address of the Natives Owhyhee Trade at Mowee Survey of the American Coast A Remarkable Inlet Distressing Calamity Sojourn at Monterey Run across the Pacific The Japanese Waters Arrival at Petropaulowski Affray at Navigators' Isles Lapcrouse arrives at Botany Bay.

And is never seen again, alive or dead Voyages made in Search of him D'Entrecasteaux Dillon DTrville Discovery of numerous Relics of the Ships at Manicolo Theory of the Fate of Lapcrouse Erection of a Monument to his Memory. The Transplantation of the Bread-Fruit Tree The Voyage of the Bounty A Mutiny Bligh, the Captain, with Eighteen Men, cast adrift in the Launch Incidents of the Voyage from Tahiti to Timor Terrible Sufferings and a Marvellous Escape Arrival of the Mutineers at Tahiti Dohertys Description Their Removal to Pitcairn's Island Subsequent History Voyage of Vancouver Algerine Piracy Burning of the Philadelphia Proud Position of the United States. Application of Steam to Navigation Robert Fulton Chancellor Livingston Launch of the Clermont She crosses the Hudson River Her Voyage to Albany Description of the Scene Fulton's own Account Legislative Protection granted to Fulton The Pendulum-Engine Construction of other Steamboats The Steam-Frigate Fulton the First The First Ocean-Steamer, the Savannah Account of her Voyage Misapprehensions upon the Subject. Arctic Explorations Russian Researches under Krusenstern and Kotzebue Freycinet Ross The Crimson Cliffs Lancaster Sound Buchan and Franklin Parry The Polar Sea Winter Quarters Return Home Duperrey Episodes in the Whale-Fishery Parry's Polar Voyage Boat-Sledges Method of Travel Disheartening Discovery 82° 43' North.

Ross's Second Voyage The North Magnetic Polo D'Urville Enderby's Land Back's Voyage in the Terror The Great Western and Sirius United States' Exploring Expedition The Antarctic Continent Sir John Franklin's Last Voyage in the Erebus and Terror Efforts made to relieve him Discovery of the Scene of his First Winter Quarters The Grinnell Expedition The Advance and Rescue Lieutenant do Haven Dr. Knno Return of the Expedition. Kennedy's Expedition Sir Edward Belcher McClure Discovery of the Northwest Passage Junction of McClure and Kellett Episode of the Resolute Commodore Perry's Expedition Decisive Traces of the Fate of Sir John Franklin The Leviathan. The Second Grinnell Expedition The Advance in Winter Quarters Total Darkness Sledge-Parties Adventures The First Death Tennyson's Monument Humboldt Glacier The open Polar Sea Second Winter Abandonment of the Brig The Water again Upernavik Rescue by Captain Hartstene Death and Services of Dr. Kane Lord Dufferin's Visit to Iceland Description of its Capital Huts of the Icelanders General Intelligence Jon Thorlakson.

Charles Francis Hall's last Arctic Expedition in the Polaris The preparation for this Expedition The high hope with which it started The first News from it Picked up on the Floating Ice The Tigress sent in search Her failure to find the Explorers Hall's death The Polaris abandoned and sunk Journal of a voyage on floating ice Attempt to lay the Atlantic Cable. Second and Third Attempts to lay the Atlantic Cable The Failure in the Month of June Description of the Cable The Voyage of the Niagara The Continuity All Right again Change from one Coil to Another The Knights of the Black Hand Unfavorable Symptoms The Insulation broken The Third of August An Anxious Moment Land discovered Trinity Bay Mr. Diving The first Diving Bell Fixed apparatus supplied with compressed air The submarine hydrostat Operations at Hell Gate Diving apparatus Submarine explosions Improved Diving Dresses Their use Work of various kinds done with them Instances of this Seeking the treasure of the Hussar Sunken ships in Sebastopol Operations in Mobile The dry dock at Pensacola Bay The beauties of the submarine world Habits of the fish Possible depth of descent. Fishing The ocean as a field The crops it yields The sponge Transplanting sponges Coral fisheries The coral an animal The discovery of this Oyster fishery The oyster a social animal The young oyster Oyster culture Dredging for oysters The American oyster fishery Pearl oysters The value of the pearl fishery Shark fishing Cuttle fish.

Dredging in modern times What it has taught us Deep-sea soundings First attempts Implements used for it The chance for inventors The temperature of the sea Deep sea temperature Self-regulating thermometers Serial temperature soundings Animal life of the sea Deep sea dredging The dredging apparatus of the Porcupine. Our knowledge of the earth and sea How it has increased The earth the daughter of the ocean The opinion of science The mean depth of the ocean The extent of the ocean Its volume Specific gravity of sea-water Constitution of salt-water The silver in the sea The waves of the sea The currents of the ocean The tides The aquarium The commerce of modern times The spread of peace. Auctiva offers Free Image Hosting and Editing. The item "1877 OCEAN MARITIME SEA HISTORY Ship SHIPWRECKS NAUTICAL PIRATE Shark Sail DIVER" is in sale since Friday, April 5, 2019.

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  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Author: GOODRICH
  • Subject: Exploration & Travel
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  • Publisher: M. DONOHUE
  • Place of Publication: CHICAGO
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